Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It Was You Is Out. So What's Next?

Thanks to everyone who is helping to spread the word about IT WAS YOU. HUGS AND KISSES ALL AROUND!!!

One of the questions I keep getting is "What's next?" Here's a rundown:

First - I'm going to eat breakfast.

Then I'm going to work on a YA novel that's nearly complete. It, too, is set in San Diego and features Meg, a high school girl who hooks up with the wrong boy as the rest of her life slowly begins to implode.

Then I'm going to work on another YA novel--from a boy's point of view. Mick witnessed something awful, something he really wished he wouldn't have seen...and is now dealing with the guilt and consequences of having done nothing to stop it.

For those of you thinking, "Why YA? I like New Adult!" --  well, these stories demanded a slightly younger point of view. These are high school kids. A little broken, a little damaged. We can call them Mature YA. (YES! Yet another sub category in the genre!)

And THEN I'm going to work on my next New Adult title about a girl who is forced home from college just before Christmas. Not because it's break time and not because it's the holidays, but because her mother squandered her college savings account. Yeah, she's not happy. But she just might meet someone who makes coming back home more than worthwhile.

And THEN...I'm going to work on Tana's story from IT WAS YOU. Because she's a little lonely up in San Luis. And her grades are kind of sucking. And she just might need some tutoring from the hottest loner she's ever met.

So, when are these releasing? SOON. Like, I'm shooting for a book a month.

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