Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet Me And Win Stuff!!!

Guess what?

I'm going to a SLEEPOVER!!! 

The New Adult Sleepover Weekend in Savannah, GA (one of my most favorite places on the planet) takes place December 6th thru the 8th and I'll be a featured author during the weekend.


So you know what you should do? You should register and plan to come see me so I don't get lonely.

And don't wait - register RIGHT NOW. Like, right this very second. Why, you ask?

I'll let the super awesome fantastic organizers of the event explain why you should register RIGHT NOW:

So with the NEW ADULT SLEEPOVER WEEKEND getting more involved we figured we would do something fun!

For those sitting on the fence about attending and securing their spot early… we have a tipping point! 

If you register by June 15th we will enter you in a special drawing to win one of 5 special VIP baskets for you and your roommates to enjoy! So what’s in the VIP baskets?

Just like they do at awards ceremonies, VIP’s get perks! For NASW the winners of these baskets will be treated to entering their room where they will find a huge basket of goodies, including waters, a bottle of bubbly, snacks, chocolate, goodies from area merchants in Savannah(anything from merchandise to gift cards), Some great bath stuff and of course, candles! Everything you need to make an evening of reading that much more special!

And to sweeten the deal, every VIP winner also gets an extra 5 entries in your welcome prize event, where attending authors will be giving away tons of awesome prizes, including meals with them, drinks at the bar and other awesome things!

And guess what? Several of our featured authors have donated books for these baskets! So not only are you treated to the NASW royal treatment, but you’re going to get awesome books outta the deal too!

So what are you waiting for? A weekend with awesome NA authors, parties, prizes, books and memories that will last forever! 

Register RIGHT HERE!

SEE??? How awesome does that sound? Register early and WIN STUFF. And then come find me and say hello in December!!!

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