Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Day In The Life of Delancey Stewart

So I'm doing this really cool thing in December. It's called the New Adult Sleepover Weekend and I'm going to be there with some KICK ASS NA authors. A few of us decided, "Uh, hey, it might be cool if we, like, got to know each other a little better. You know, since we'll be sleeping over together and all."

And, since I thought YOU might want to get to know some of these authors a little better, too (because we want to see YOU at NASW), I thought I'd share the cool interviews we did with each other. For the next few Wednesdays, I'll be posting them.

Today's author is DELANCEY STEWART.

About Delancey

Delancey Stewart has lived on both coasts, in big cities and small towns. She's been a pharmaceutical rep, a personal trainer and a direct sales representative for a French wine importer. Beyond all that, she has always been a writer in some way shape or form. A military spouse and the mother of two small boys, her current job titles include pirate captain, monster hunter, Lego assembler and story reader. She tackles all these efforts at her current home in Southern Maryland.

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